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ancestral connections

By Sian Palmer & Tanja Meyburgh

Ancestral Connections

Workshops facilitated by Sian and Tanja

Ancestral Connections is the key to opening our relationship with our ancestral roots through an integrative approach to constellations and movement.

Ancestral Connections brings us into community and conversation with the ancestors – biological and collective. It enables us to return to the language of movement and music that is an age-old form of conversation with ourselves, our ancestors and the spirit of life. Ancestral connections recognises the value of embodiment and community in our healing and personal growth. Our ancestors are acknowledged both as actual people who lived and breathed, and at the same time are alive within us on a cellular level. The focus in this work is on finding and receiving resources and gifts, and developing our capacity and resilience so that we may live our best possible lives and together build a regenerative culture.

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what They’re Saying


“I took a risk on Ancestral Connections, and was rewarded by finding a home within myself. I found a new level of appreciation for and connection to the world around me, and for my own body, that years of yoga, therapy, and other types of retreat simply could not provide. This workshop – these facilitators – provide true breakthroughs at every step in the process. It just works. You feel it in your body. All supported by trusting, wonderful, loving, and kind facilitators. I would, and did, fly halfway around the world just to be in their presence again. The pathway to acceptance and resilience in this time of great change starts with Ancestral Connections. The greatest stories, as they say, are the ones that take us home!”
Participant, London

“Sian and Tanja’s collaboration in Ancestral Connections brings a workshop to bear which combines the incredible strengths of each of their respective practices: Expressive Movement and African Constellations. Sian’s sensitive movement meditation facilitation, paves an expressway for Tanja’s incisive family constellation work. The rhythmic dancing into embodied presence supports a personal bravery to see, face, embrace and release one’s inherited patterns and difficulties – in a life changing manner. This work simply and penetratingly shatters personal conscious and unconscious obstacles, with an echo that subtly ripples forward and backward across one’s lineage. Gift yourself, your ancestors and your descendants this powerful workshop.”
Participant, Johannesburg

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