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We offer experiential workshops in your city by invitation. Please contact us directly for bespoke offerings for your institute or organization.

upcoming WorkshopS

Embodying Life, in person, Cape Town, South Africa with Tanja

26 April ,3, 10 & 17 May 2024

Gateways Online with Tanja and Sian

 29 August, 5, 12 ,19 September 2024 (8am – 12pm BST)

London in person with Sian and Tanja

Dates to be confirmed


Graz, Austria in person with Sian and Tanja

28 and 29 June 2025


Embodying Life
(2 days)

The first Ancestral Connections offering, Embodying Life focuses on returning to our roots; to a sense of connection with ourselves, previous generations, and nature.

Many of us experience a sense of separation or loss as we lead more disconnected lives and long for a sense of community and belonging. Trans-generational healing, reconnection to our body wisdom and reclaiming the lost parts of ourselves allows us to live a more embodied, conscious and connected life. This in turn brings us into alignment with our vitality; reconnecting us to our purpose, to the beauty of life, and reawakening in us joy and overall wellbeing. 

Gateways Initiation
(5 days)

Gateways is a rites of passage process that takes us through the stages of life so that we can access the virtue of each stage in our own way. We stand on our own two feet and are connected to our ancestral past.

Cycles, seasons and changes bring times of cleansing, dancing, building, burying and new life.
As modern people we have lost many traditions of rites of passage and have forgotten the importance of marking moments in time that present a threshold experience. Our Ancestors knew the ways of assisting us through these passages in time in a way that allowed us to deepen and grow into our psychological and spiritual journey through this lifetime.
In Gateways we explore the four key stages of life: birth, coming-of-age, marriage and death. Facilitated with music, dance and art, we integrate the virtues of each stage – belonging, response-ability, union and actualisation – in community with sharing stories and group constellations.
This journey enables us to discover what we have and need, to find the key, open the door and step into the next phase of life… perhaps even catch a glimpse of the gifts and treasures that await.

Myth & Archetypes
(2 days)

It is in the realm of myth and story that we meet ourselves in light and shadow. Archetypes are found in ancient myths and fairytales; they are our inner guardians and allies that form part of our collective history. Encountering these archetypal images, we access the gifts and resources that are available to us from our ancestry. In doing so we can inhabit our unique individual identity and find a sense of our roots and belonging. Through moving and constellating myth and archetypes we tap into the parts of the soul in a way that awakens us to the magic and mystery of life, enabling connection to the richness of being human.
In the archetypes of the story we encounter our inner parts, both familiar and unfamiliar. We find the imagination to dream again afresh and anew. Stories help us to see the themes that circle our life and ignite our creative agency. Entering into this language of the soul, we remember what was long forgotten, bringing light into the dark places and meeting the important dream figures that can show us the way.

Grief in the river of life
(2 days)

Collective rituals of grieving have brought us together for millennia to be able to let go of what is no longer here and remember what was learned and loved and lost. Through the richness of ritual and movement, we do this grief work together.

For the future
(2 days)

The time is now. We are the ancestors of the future. Our actions can support a regenerative culture.
Ancestral Connections recognises that both our ancestors and descendants are real people who live and breathe within us. Our capacity to access the gifts and the connections of both is possible through the embodied experience of constellations, music and movement.
In “For the Future” we uncover our creativity, intuition and our capacity to vision through the body, imagination and the senses so that we can discover the blueprint for the times to come. Imagine living in the best possible future where our human intelligences are used to support a regenerative and thriving life in cities and rural spaces. As ancestors of the future we hold the creative capacity to make this happen.

what They’re Saying


“I took a risk on Ancestral Connections, and was rewarded by finding a home within myself. I found a new level of appreciation for and connection to the world around me, and for my own body, that years of yoga, therapy, and other types of retreat simply could not provide. This workshop – these facilitators – provide true breakthroughs at every step in the process. It just works. You feel it in your body. All supported by trusting, wonderful, loving, and kind facilitators. I would, and did, fly halfway around the world just to be in their presence again. The pathway to acceptance and resilience in this time of great change starts with Ancestral Connections. The greatest stories, as they say, are the ones that take us home!”
Participant, London

“Sian and Tanja’s collaboration in Ancestral Connections brings a workshop to bear which combines the incredible strengths of each of their respective practices: Expressive Movement and African Constellations. Sian’s sensitive movement meditation facilitation, paves an expressway for Tanja’s incisive family constellation work. The rhythmic dancing into embodied presence supports a personal bravery to see, face, embrace and release one’s inherited patterns and difficulties – in a life changing manner. This work simply and penetratingly shatters personal conscious and unconscious obstacles, with an echo that subtly ripples forward and backward across one’s lineage. Gift yourself, your ancestors and your descendants this powerful workshop.” 
Participant, Johannesburg

Ancestral Connections